What do we do? 

We are a multimedia company that produces podcasts, videos, and other digital content. We run a nationwide LGBTQ Business directory with a concentration in the Midwest region. We're launching articles and a digital magazine as well as a Pride Guide for CLE Pride for Cleveland Community Center.

We have two recording studios in the office, one audio the other audio/video studio to record and create our content in house. The studio can be reserved online to be used independently or we can assist with any recording or editing needs. We have a number of podcasts in our network that can be seen under our listen tab, if you want to produce a show email us at

We have companies from across the country that are either LGBTQ owned or affirming, listings can be added or managed through the web portal. On our directory site we offer a variety of ads that each receive thousands of views a month. We offer help designing and creating ads if you don't have in house designing.

We bring news and content relevant to the LGBTQ community to our viewers through our social media, news feeds and our growing archive of articles. We recently acquired the assets of Quorum magazine and will be relaunching digitally.



TrueFM Online

-24/7 Music Stream with PSA's

-Online Business Directory of LGBTQ Owned Business owners and Certified NGLCC Business owners and Ally's

-Job Board

-Housing Board

-Podcasting Live and Recorded

-Video Stream Production

True Q Publishing

-CLE Pride Guide

-Yearly State Wide Business Guide

-Spring and Fall Job Fairs

-Video Business Spotlights